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Tongue + Lip Tie Correction (Frenectomy)

What is it and what causes it?

A tongue-tie occurs when the band of skin under the tongue is very short, restricting full movement of the tongue. This may make breastfeeding difficult for the baby as it interferes with the ability to properly attach onto the breast when feeding.

A lip-tie is where a band of skin under the upper lip is very short or thick and is tightly connected to the gum. Similar to tongue-ties, a lip-tie can restrict movement of the upper lip making feeding difficult as the baby is unable to lift the upper lip to form a tight seal over the nipple. An upper lip-tie can may also be associated with a gap between the front teeth (diastema).

If it is deemed that a tongue-tie or lip-tie is interfering with breastfeeding, releasing the tongue and/or lip tie can improve the baby's ability to breastfeed. Correcting a lip or tongue tie is a quick and simple procedure and can be performed by Dr. Chris Loubser.