What is it and what causes it?

A hypersensitive reaction by the body’s immune system to a foreign substance, also referred to as an allergen (dust, pollen, chemicals etc.).

TSC Treatment

Determining the exact cause of an allergy can be very difficult. Here at the Tasmanian Skin Clinic we utilise a variety of procedures to identify the causative allergen. Such testing includes;

  • Skin-prick test: Often the primary method for the diagnosis of IgE mediated allergies (most allergic diseases). The test involves pricking the skin with a needle containing a small amount of the allergen.
  • Allergy patch testing: A method commonly used to determine whether a specific substance causes an allergic reaction of the patient's skin, particularly in individuals suspected of having allergic contact or atopic dermatitis. Patch testing may identify allergens not found by blood or skin prick testing.