Skin Pigmentation & Birth Mark Reduction

What is it and what causes it?

Excessive skin pigmentation or discolouration is associated with an abnormal production and accumulation of melanin by the skin’s pigment-producing cells, melanocytes.

Normal production of melanin is a natural protective mechanism of the skin and is dependent mostly on UV exposure.

Causes of hyperpigmentation may include;

  • Excessive UV or sun exposure.
  • Hormonal influences, such as melasma caused by the contraceptive pill or pregnancy.
  • Birthmarks and pigmentation secondary to congential conditions.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of trauma to the skin.

TSC Treatment

The successful treatment of pigmentation will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, including the skin’s natural pigment and type, as well as the cause of hyperpigmentation.

Here at the Tasmanian Skin Clinic, the following treatment options are available;

  • Prescribed or medical-grade skin care.
  • Medical Skin Peels.
  • IPL technology is attracted to darker areas of pigmentation, effectively targeting the discolouration and encouraging the deeper levels of the skin to heal and correct blemishes over time.